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Certifications For Service Providers

Bed Bug Certified service providers provide the highest quality of service against bed bugs. They stand out in an industry full of companies that say they can control bed bugs, when they are really only able to provide temporary fixes to a much larger problem.

Bed Bug Certified instill confidence in your clients that your company uses technicians and inspectors that are trained in identifying, treating, and preventing bed bug infestations. A Bed Bug Certified service provider will use least-toxic options, abide by stringent safety regulations, and ensure communication between your company and your clients to ensure the highest quality of bed bug service in the industry.

To Become a Bed Bug Certified service provider, you must complete the following steps:

Step 1: Be Eligible

To be eligible for certification your business must fulfill all of the following:

  1. Licensed for pest control work by the appropriate state or local licensing agencies.
  2. Willing to adhere to the “Bed Bug Certified Service Provider Principles”
  3. Willing and able to employ at least one Bed Bug Certified licensed inspector and technician in the company or branch office seeking certification; a Bed Bug Certified Inspector must implement or directly supervise the Certified service
    Note: Businesses with multiple offices must employ at least one Bed Bug Certified licensed inspector and technician at each branch office seeking certification.
  4. Willing to provide services following the Bed Bug Certified Standards for Bed Bug Certification in Structural Pest Management Environments.
  5. Willing to maintain records pertaining to certification and the Bed Bug Certified service and hold those records for at least 3 years.
  6. Willing to permit on-site visits to your place of business to review records of Bed Bug Certified services.
  7. Willing to permit a field audit of your Bed Bug Certified service at one or more agreed-upon customer sites and permit interviews with customers

If you are eligible, proceed:

Step 2: Complete the Bed Bug Certified Orientation

Upon completion of the orientation, you can opt to download the Bed Bug Certified Application

Step 3: Complete the Bed Bug Certified Application

a.       Fill out the Service Application

b.   Fill out the Inspector/Technician Application for each employee seeking

E-Mail your completed packet to:

Please be sure to include your business and type of certification in the subject line.
Note: Each business applying to become Bed Bug Certified must have at least 1 staff member that is a Bed Bug Certified Inspector/Technician. The Inspector/Technician must be associated with a Bed Bug Certified business, and:

  1. Be licensed by the local or state agencies for at least 2 years
  2. Be willing to adhere to the “Bed Bug Certified Principles”
  3. Be willing to provide bed bug service following the Bed Bug Certified Standards for Certification in Structural Pest Management Environments
  4. Attend a Bed Bug Certified educational and training session
  5. Fill out an Inspector/Technician Application
  6. Demonstrate Bed Bug knowledge in one of the following ways:
    • Pass a written exam provided by Bed Bug Certified
    • Complete Purdue University’s “Intermediate Level Industrial and Urban IPM” correspondence course, or similar approved course
    • Hold certification as a Board Certified Entomologist (BCE) or an Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) from the Entomological Society of America
    • Hold a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, or Doctoral degree in pest management, applied entomology, urban entomology, or similar approved course of study from an accredited college or university

Step 4: Upon submission of your application, you will be contacted by Bed Bug Certified to schedule an evaluation that will be conducted on-site

  • Evaluations will be conducted using the Bed Bug Certified evaluation form.  This evaluation form will be included for your reference in the application packet.

You will also need to provide the following at the time of inspection:

  • Payment of the certification fee
  • Examples of the forms the company will be using for Bed Bug Certified Service including:
    1. Bed Bug service inspection form(s) and
    2. A Bed Bug infestation site plan form
    3. A treatment record form
  • Samples of advertising or marketing materials you plan to use in conjunction with your Bed Bug Certified service (if any)
  • Examples of any new or updated fact sheets, door hangers and other customer education materials

Step 5: Become Fully Bed Bug Certified. The Program Manager will review all documents submitted and make the final determination on your certification. If there are deficiencies in either your application or your evaluations, the Program Manager will work with you to try to rectify them.

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